Over 20 years’ experience in the sector


A business model based on direct relations with all our partners, based on transparency and professional competence.

Kish Group was founded in 1996 by Musci Fellah, who is still involved in the company’s management on a daily basis. A company that has continued to grow thanks to the professionalism and devotion of its asset managers and the creation of a group of high-profile professionals, including business analysts, architects, engineers, surveyors, IT experts, lawyers and accountants.

Kish Group stands out from the rest by virtue of its in-depth knowledge of the real estate market all over the territory and its attention to detail, analysing all technical aspects. Only when every bit of information is known can the perfect answer be given. This approach has enabled the company to forge and develop direct relations with leading national and international brands, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, and the authorities of Italy’s towns and cities, becoming a major point of reference for companies, investors and credit institutes.

Musci Fellah

General Manager

Raffaello Fellah

Sole Director

Davide Fellah

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Fellah

Retail Manager

Kish Group

offers its clients concrete and specialist assistance in order to optimise feasibility studies, reduce negotiation times and see through investments.

The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones